500,006 Miles And Still Going Strong

I want to let the world know that FORD no longer stands for Found On the Road Dead, my built FORD tough AMERICAN made Explorer has out lasted any one of the import cars I have owned. I purchased my 93 Explorer from a family friend a little over two years ago. The odometer read 167,000 miles, although I was informed that there was 100k more because the odo stopped working for a while, I bought it anyway, hey I trusted the guy and I needed a cheap car. Honestly for $1100 anything that started, stayed running and stopped at that time was golden in my book. I purchased it thinking 'ONE YEAR, THATS IT,' That year came quicker than I expected, she now read 350,000 and I wasnt in a postion where I could buy something eles and retire 'ol faithful'. With my fingers crossed and foot on the pedel I wheeled into the second year odo reading 4950000 miles! Outside of normal wear and tear items and regular maintence, no major componets have been replaced. She rolled over to 500,000 miles today!!! and she is still trucking right along! Im hoping to make it another 500,000 miles!