1997 Ford Explorer Over 500,000 Miles And Still Going The Distance

My husband has been commuting in his 1997 Ford Explorer for over 10 years. His daily commute is about 150 miles. He loves his truck.
I think he is going to drive it until it cant' drive anymore. It has over 500,000 miles on it !!!
It'd be great if he could be featured in one of your commercials with his "Trusted Ford Tough Vehicle" still going strong . And maybe even some incentive to get a (new one).
I have a couple of pics of the truck.
Connor R 04/16/2013
I've got a 1997 Explorer Sport 4.0L EFI 4WD. It's my first truck, but i'm going to drive it until it can't drive anymore!
Darrell 03/05/2013
i have a 1997 explorer xlt with 302 in it and i love its right at 200k i bought with a 174k on it im the 2nd owner and i love it ive replaced the followin; timing chain, cam syncronizer , brakes and rotors , tie rods inner and outer, water pump , fuel filter and tires and it runs like a sewing machine . Ford did the best thing when they built the Explorers. I really dont like the newer ones to me they are p.o.s. a fwd suv really and to bring it out in a 4cylinder is really ridiculous but the body style is alright.
pp 03/03/2013
yes my aunt rosa has a 1996 XLT and it is still going strong pass 203K miles.........also my grandma had a 1997 eddie bauer from 1999-2003 she had 1 fuel pump go bad and that was it.she traded it in at 144K miles.......i think u just cant dunn these cars
jim straight 10/20/2011
we have a 1995 explorer sport with 317,000 . total repairs outside of tires and breaks= 1 water pump, 1 fuel pump, and 1 set of ball joints . Mr. Elias is the exception not us. I probably wouldn't let him drive mine. Wonder if he ever does normal maintenance . Ford did in my opinion over build the original explorer but I am glad, nice big frame , basically an f 150 drive train . would like to have a new one just like ours . personally don't think much of the new one. we also have merc. mariner and a 250 sd for the heavy work . I realise ford had to build a lighter duty explorer to keep the puplic happy. Jim Straight
Ivan Elias 09/13/2011
I think you guys are the exception. I have a 2002 Explorer, did all the required maintenance and my transmission went at 114K had a remanufactured installed by ford and it is now giving me issues. I was hoping my truck would make it to 200K but now it doesn't seem like it will happen. I love my truck, but it's letting me down now. Holding steady at 189K in my driveway.
Carmen Sanabria 08/12/2011
I have a 1992 ford explorer i do love my truck has over 500,000 miles on it but falling apart....but i love it
Bob K 08/07/2011
I have a 1999 Ford Explorer V6 SOHC with over 331,000 with ORIGINAL transmission and engine. Replace oil every 3k and trans fluis every 30k!
patricia fisher 08/01/2011
I agree. I have a 2001 explorer that also has over 300k miles and still going strong
Andrew Woodfin 07/31/2011
I have a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0L V8 and it has 330k miles on it. Ford needs to be showcasing these vehicles for being so reliable.