The Toughest Little Truck I Have Ever Owned.

In 2004 I purchased a new Explorer Sport Trac 4x4 with the Adrenalin package. I put on over 100k on this truck and spent less than $2000 in repairs/maintenance which included $850 set of Michelin tires. I regularly towed my Jeep/boat/SCCA Mercury Cougar to various places with no problems. One time I even exceeded the towing rating for over 400 miles by towing my friends F-350 home after he broke a drive shaft. I was very impressed by the power that the little 4.0 Liter could churn out. This truck was definitely had the little engine that could. The hardest thing that it ever did was climb the continental divide( 8% grade)towing my Jeep behind it. This hill was so brutal that while I made it just fine, it killed the transmission in my friends newer Suburban.
The bed is just big enough to put just about anything into despite its smaller size. I once hauled a 1/4 yard of dirt another time I hauled a crate SVO 460 engine to San Antonio. This truck would still be in my garage if it weren't for having to sell it due to a divorce. My next new truck is gonna be a new F-150 with the Eco Boost.
Jeff 07/09/2012
I loved my 2004 Sport Trac. I traded it in for a 2008 Fusion because I needed a little more fuel economy. I don't drive as much for work now and am in need for a truck bed. I have slowly started looking for a 2008-2010 model.
Frank 01/10/2012
I also have a 2001 Sport Trac that has hauled more things than my previous f-150 did. Once year I built a deck and hauled 2x10 green treated lumber. The longest board was 18' - 7' inside the cab, 4' across the bed, 2' more to bed extender - leaving 5' overhanging. Most versatile truck I've ever had. Love it.