The Best Are Being Dropped

Just settling in to my 2009 Adrenalin w/v8 which I bought two months ago with 26k miles on it. (Would have bought new but I guess I was three years late.  I've owned a Caddy Ext, Ford King Ranch and a Subaru Baja. By far, my favorite is the Adrenalin followed by the fun to drive Baja Turbo manual, followed by the Ext and then the King Ranch.. Funny, but the only vehicle of the four above still made today is the King Ranch, my least favorite.  Ford: Bring back either the Sport Trac Adrenalin or bring us the Ranger Wildtrak. I think you are highly underestimating the appetite for the Wildtrak in the us market. Put a diesel, six speed, leather package and lux it up a bit and watch what happens.