Miles Driven

well in 2004 i bought a 2003 leftover explorer sport trac. my second ford i owned. my story begins with a fish more like a shark really. that spawned a passion. 177000 miles later as my season number 7 was about to begin. i was t boned at a red light. go figure 13000 miles away from 200000 miles.but each mile i can tell you a story where i have been an what i was doing. like 121 was to cape may nj for my first surf fishing trip. mile 15012 was my get away to south flordia. 100000 miles was a late night trip to genos in philly for a cheese steak. my truck was the most faithful thing i ever owned never towed never gave me problems other then its lust to to the beach. but now my trips are with a pre owned 2007 sport trac. somethings are good on it. somethings i have to change to make better. but the fact remains these trucks love the sun an the sand i hope you look at these pictures an see life is always about one more cast.