Lucky To Be Alive

By Jeff S.

My 10 year old son and I were struck from behind by a full sized pickup truck, running at interstate speed, after pulling over into the grass along I-75 in Georgia.
I literally got into the truck, unaware of what was aproaching from behind, two seconds before impact.
I was throw into the back where I was knocked unconscious, while my son, who was belted in the passenger seat, sustained only minor physical injuries. We travelled across three lanes of the highway and it was a miracle that we were not struck by another vehicle.
Our Ford Sports Trac could not have taken the impact any better than it did. As severe as it was, the drive shaft was ripped from the vehicle and the frame buckled, the truck managed to stay on all four wheels. Most of the damage surrounded the gas tank, which held it's integrity and never spilled a drop of fuel. They had to use the jaws of life to get me from the vehicle and I would not have made it had the truck burst into flames.
I truly feel the design of the truck and the way the bed collected the impact was crucial to our survival and to the minimal injuries susatined by my son. I can never thank the engineers enough.
I promise the next vehicle I purchase will be a Ford Truck and I proudly recommend one to anyone who values the safety of their family.

Thanks Ford Motor Company