I Lost My Baby, Truck That Is!

Back in 2004 I bought a Explorer Sport Trac Remium brand new that was only missing two options, The Adrenaline package and a moon roof. I loved it, especially in the snow and rain when I used the 4 wheel drive. I didn't put many miles on it and kept it clean along with maintenace. Unfortunately when I was on the highway heading towards my friends house to celebrate my birthday the next day I was involved in an accident. I was rearended in a construction zone by one of the construction trucks that didn't slow down as all other traffic was. There was two hits from behind and one in the front that caused my truck to hit a concrete barrier to help protect construction crews that helped my vehicle send it on it's side. Airbags went off and I was like a canolli! After being extracated by construction crew workers, I got to see some of the damage and it wasn't a pretty site! Since the construction truck did not have insurance information, my insurance took matters into their hands and declared my truck was totalled due to roll over and airbags going off. This was my baby and I wasn't close to even wanting another vehicle. I had lesss than 40k miles on her, no payments, and cheaper insurance since there was no loan and not new (which is good in this economy). I get a check for 13k which couldn't even buy a replacement Explorer Sport Trac of the same year! So now I'm frustrrated at the driver and construction company even more because I no longer have my baby and settled on a new 2012 Ford Fusion SEL that my girlfriend and parents love except me! It's just not the same, it doesn't give me the wow factor in loks and function (except for the high tech saftey, nav/stereo unit). I am gonna mis the power down rear window and 4 wheel drive the most, along with sitting higher up. Boy do I miss my baby and she protected me well. I wish I could have bought a new one too!