How I Became A Ford Owner

By Kyle M.

I was on my home from a doctors appointment one day. i owned a 2006 Buick Lacrosse CXS edition (very rare and very cool and really fast). i loved my car LOVED it, i mean it was fast, black, and mine. Well one day a nice day suns out, A/C on, stereo up, perfect day i was coming home and i was technically on the wrong side of the road but it saved my life. Anyway i was just coming up to a mcdonalds on the rights side of the road just got through an intersection on the highway and this white toyota rav-4 got into the middle lane reading to turn into mcdonalds and it was slowing down and almost stopped and so i didnt think anything of it and went back to looking you know straight ahead. Well this older lady i dont know if she just couldnt see me or she thought i had to stop for her to go through but she crossed into my lane and hit me. looking back i laugh at it hahahaha because buicks are strong little heavy cars and when she hit me i ripped her car up i mean i just i demolished her front end i rippped it clean off and it was awesome. Anyway i ran to her car as soon as i stopped and made sure she was okay and she was nobody was hurt thank god but about the wrong saving my life, had i been in the correct lane it would have been a head-on for me and i could have gooten really hurt i was doing a good 40 mph so ya about 2 weeks past and we found out the car was totalled there was little damage at all but she hit me right on the frame rendering it unfixable so i went and found a beautiful 2003 Sport Trac XLT and i love it till i die and thats my story about how i became a Ford owner.