100,000 Miles And Going Strong!!!

By Judy T.

Our Explorer is seven years old and approaching 100,000!! We have only replaced the tires and the battery! We take it in for all the service "checkups" and still we haven't replaced the brakes!

We love our Ford Explorer...this is our 3rd one and the longest we have ever owned a vehicle! We are keeping her until she falls apart. I think we will be in heaven before that happens!!
Andrew 04/07/2012
My 98 Expedition has 330,000 miles on the original drivetrain! The first 300,000 were spent as a my father's farm truck. It's seen more towing and four wheeling than the vast majority of trucks on the road. It's a darn good truck.
Joe 04/06/2012
I guess it is special since its a Ford. nobody thinks its a big deal that our Lexus and Nissan both have way more miles than that.
Jeff L 04/03/2012
100,000 miles really isn't a milestone.
Craig 04/03/2012
Big Deal .... I have a 2001 Mazda Tribute LX awd (Ford Escape shared platform) with 270,000 miles and it's still going and a 2004 Mazda 3s 5Dr with 245,000 miles and drive it 140 miles a day still as well as a 2001 v-10 Excursion Limited that is approaching 200,000 miles that is used for camping and towing.... That Explorer is still just a puppy!
M 04/02/2012
Big deal. My protege has over 130k on it.
Doug 04/02/2012
Almost 100K?
Took my last Windstar to 231K and my current 2004 Mercury Monterey (sort of a Ford Windstar on steroids) has 146K
Steve 04/02/2012
The atmosphere doesn't.
jason 04/02/2012
pretty good for original oil and fluids. ill make sure to steer clear of this one when it makes it for sale. most people have no idea what the hell is going on under the hood or how to check any fluids any way. An old Ford Explorer with the German built 4.0 engine is one that actually will run under such foul maintenance
Lee 04/02/2012
Congrat! in compare to my car 93Toyota Camry with 250000.and still running strong you still a baby.