You'll Never Believe This...

Our's is a story you would never believe, but it really did happen...October 25, 2010, a beautiful Autumn afternoon, my husband was driving home from work with the radio on, window rolled down, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. As he slowed down to enter the town of Waterville, Ohio, a woodpecker flew in the open window, hitting him in the side of the head. He immediately used both hands to swat the bird, letting go of the wheel. In that split second, the vehicle veered left of center into the path of an oncoming semi-truck, hauling steel pipe. Although the impact was not head on, the Expedition hit the trailor. The driver's side door and front end took the brunt of the impact. The door and dashboard collapsed on my husband. He was trapped in the vehicle for more than an hour as the jaws of life were used to get him out. As the emergency team carefully removed him from the truck, the bird was found on his lap. Sadly, the bird nor the Expedition made it..but 10 surgeries later, inserting enough hardware to start his own aisle at Home Depot and 4 months in rehab, my husband is alive and walking, co-coaching our son's baseball team, taking us to Tiger's games and working full-time to support our family. I won't say this has been easy, but the alternative is something I think about often and am thankful I didn't have to experience. So...Thank you FORD, thank you for making a safe, quality product that protected my husband and kept us a family!
Caleb S 01/05/2014
Glad he is alive and ok. I live 40 minutes from Waterville and and when you say Tigers, do you mean the Liberty Center Tigers?