Why We Love Ford

On November 14 2011, My family and I went for a drive up in silver city. On our way up, a guy stopped us and asked, “have you guys seen a white expedition on the road? someone said one rolled into a ravine on the road about a mile back.” “No” we replied. ” Only really old cars on the side of the road.” “thanks” the guy said and walked away. On the way back, there was a solid sheet of black ice in the already slick road. the tires slipped on the icy road, we rolled into a ditch onto the top. the weird part was, we were in a white expedition. The miracle was in Fords engineering. Side airbags saved 5 live that day. Instant locks in the seat belt saved 8 lives that day. I forever owe my life to Ford engineers. Thank you.
Michael S 04/06/2013
Might I ask what silver city?