The More, The Better!

By Se B.

My family, and especially me, we all love ford motor company. we have a long history of fords and a future to come. Way before i was born, my dad had a 96 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer. He loved that thing and it held up very well. We moved onto a pre-owned 97 Eddie Bauer Ford Expidition. That was my Mom and Dad's first car with me. It is still running in my uncle's family and it has 300 thousand miles on it (for more info check out "Built Tough", my other story all about that car). My grandparents then bought a 99 Ford Expidition because they saw how much we loved and used ours. My Grandaddy owns a 01 Ford Explorer and still has it. He loves to take it on the south end (beach for cars) in Wilmington NC. It is running great and he abuses all of the storage compartments. My 88 year old great granny has a 95 Ford CrownVictoria LX that i love and will get when i turn 16. It is my favorite car ever and is the model that helped protect our town and cities with the police dept. My dad is now looking at a 73 Ford Country Squire LTD LImited station wagon as we speak. He also runs a business shipping cars to germany and most of the cars we receive are 60s mustangs.
se by 09/24/2011
ya your rite. now all they make is a lincoln town car. i also think thay shud make an excursion again too
Judi 08/29/2011
I owned an 86 Crown Vic and a 2002. So sad they stopped making them.