The Miller's - An Ohio Ford Family

The Miller family has always been loyal to Ford and their wide variety of vehicles. My grandfather was always driving some sort of Ford vehicle - be it a Ford truck, a Lincoln car or a Mercury Cougar. Since my brother and I were little we watched our grandfather, mother, father and others in our family drive Ford vehicles.
You can guess that when it cam time to buy a vehicle, he and I both bought used Ford cars in High School. Once we were a little older and have saved a little more - we both bought a Ford once again.
So this year I traded in my '01 F150 Lariat Super-Crew 4x4 and purchased a brand new 2009 F150 Lariat Super-Crew 4x4 to put along side my brother's 2007 Expedition 4x4 and my dad's 2004 F150 Lariat Super-Crew. You get the "picture." So for 2009, we wheeled the 4x4's into the Wabash River in Western Ohio and came up with this snappy looking Christmas Card. We hope you enjoy --- because everyone the card went out to sure did!
(Notice the Red/White/Blue schema also; our dad is a proud Vietnam War Veteran – rightfully so – who insisted they go in that order!!)