The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By Se B.

The first car my Mom and Dad ever owned when i was born was a 97 Ford Eddie Bower Expidition. They bought it used and it was with us until i was around 4 or 5. My dad soon realized we needed a new family car and had to sell the Expidition. My uncle needed a car so we sold it to him for practically nothing and we thought it wouldn't last as long as it did. In the mean time i have grown up more and am now 11 years old and my cousins came down and visited today. We got on the subject of the car because he had just taken it on the beach yesterday and i found out that it has 300 thousand miles on it. It really makes me happy to see that it has lasted so long and we have only had a few minor problems. It has been through two branches of our family tree and through the previous owner. My grandparents have realized how much it has done for us so they bought one of their own and still have it and runs better than a new gm product. I wanted to post this to thank ford for all they've done. thank you!
se by 09/24/2011
ya thats factory pic. Still cant say it looks any worse
Sal Undy 08/29/2011
Nice pic up there, that's one great looking piece of Expedition!
ALI 08/15/2011
I agreem the Expidition is a great car, I bought a 2004 used expidition from a close friend a year ago and really was a bit scared of having problems. So far I am very proud of this vehecle and living happy with it.