The Ford That Saved Christmas

We drove to New York from Virginia to spend the holidays at my mom's house. My cousin in Brooklyn hadn't seen me in years and wanted to come to dinner, so I offerred to pick her up. As news spread that I had a car, I was promising to pick up several cousins.  The clouds rolled in and it started to snow and sleet early Christmas morning.  I started out on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway heading to the sharp turns on Linden Boulevard.  I felt my 2 rear wheels grip the road and watched other cars slip off the road. My cousin Paulette with her son made desert and packed many presents.  She fit in the middle row.  We then drove to Forest Hills, off the Grand Cenrtral to pick up Naomi.  The sleet had set on the snow which had reached 8 inches.  The exit ramps had steep slopes.  We headed to the Rockaways and picked up my cousin David, his wife and baby. His mother called after making a turkey, rice and stuffing.  The food was stored behind the third seat.  The roads were covered with snow and no lines were visible.  We drove to downtown Mott Avenue and picked up my cousin Dawn and headed for Valley Stream with an ocassional fish tail.  The vehicle performed well and did not slip on the snow.  We arrived at Christmas dinner in one piece.