The Converted Dodge Family

Once upon a time an undeserving Dodge man married a beautiful Ford Mustang owner(OK, at the time he drove a Chevy Chevette but loved Dodge). He was unworthy of her love and worked hard to give her all he thought she deserved. She bore him 3 wonderful children. Two boys, now 15 and 17, and a beautiful daughter who was gifted by God with the challenge of autism and Mitochondrial Myopathy( a form of Muscular Dystrophy) Along came an economic downturn making it even harder for the Queen to stay home and take care of the Princess. Ford Motor Company took NO tax payer money in the downturn. In gratitude the Dodge man converted his fleet to ALL Fords from Dodges. Used ? Yes. The converted Dodge man simply wanted to say , " Thank You Ford Motor Company. Thank You" Though the Ford Expedition is a little thirsty at the pump, the family has NO regrets and now loves Ford.