Still Rolling Along!

With all of the negative publicity GM and Toyota have gotten lately, I thought I would take the time to supply you with some positive feedback! My daughter, (Nicole Cherizard nee Lassiter) purchased a brand new 2004 Ford Expedition in May 2004. It has been very beneficial to use for shopping expeditions for the ladies, traveling up and down the east coast and also to provide needed transportation for her rapidly growing family on a day to day basis. There have been various minor nicks and dents on the suv throughout the years and the inside upholstery is showing signs of wear and tear but nothing major has been done to the truck. In fact, she now has over 300K miles with the original engine and original transmission and the Expedition is still kicking!! (knock on wood!!). This has been wonderful for her during these economically trying and difficult times because she would not have been able to afford a new vehicle or major repairs. I don't know what you will do with this story, if anything, but I felt that businesses as well as individuals need to know when things are going right or when commodities exceed expectations.
Ford Social 08/20/2014
Hi Shelby - High mileage stories are always welcome! We are proud to know that your daughter's Ford Expedition has been durable and reliable over the past decade. Thank you for sharing your story! - Social.Ford