Saved My Family!

By Eric S.

Thanks! You saved my families life! Our 2008 Ford Expedition, we were on RT81 in Syracuse NY when we ALMOST lost it all. We were on the N Bond side of RT81 just as you enter Syr. This is a two lane highway, it was about 38% out side and the roads were clear. Well until we hit a large pool of water, there was no were to go, traffic all around us. In the car were my wife and son(5), he was in the back site in a boaster seat just behind me. We hit the water and it just sucked us to the left, to the guard rail. We were done and at 55 it was going to be messy for sure as we had cars all around us. I held the steering wheel as tight as I could and prayed the AUTO 4x4 dr was going to kick in. I look out my window and I was so close to the guard rail I couldn't believe it. I told my wife hang on, she reached back to my son. As she put her arm back to brace him the AUTO 4x4 drive kicked in, it pulled us right back into the highway. Thanks and God Bless you the Shaffer's
Saud A 09/01/2014
Thanks to God you are all safe. Good Job Ford! God bless your engieering.
Calvin 08/14/2011
ford technology, preventing ugly accident's from beautiful people.