Possible Loss Of A Friend

Received word this week from my mechanic that my Expedition may be on the critical list and a replacement vehicle will be needed soon. How sad! It is a 98 Expedition and I bought it used with 36000 miles on it. I bought it in 2000. It now has 233, 700 miles on it. It has taken me everywhere, including Yellowstone Nat. Park. It has been the work horse for me all of this time. Whether it was fishing, hunting, coaching Special Olympics, playing music in a band, or even just roaming the country, it has been there for me, hauling untold amounts of gear, athletes, band members and even our dogs. We have kept up with the maintenance over these years and it has been easily worth it. I will drive it up to its end. Hate to see it have to be replaced but THANK YOU for building such a great vehicle.