Our Been There, Done That Family "Car"

Our Expedition came into our lives just 10 short months before our first son was born.  He came home in it, as did our second son, our third son, and most recently, our fourth son.  It now has over 225,000 miles, traveling anywhere and everywhere we need it to go.  My husband has tried to talk me into getting a new vehicle, because "nothing lasts forever."  I just can't bear the thought of this blessing having to be replaced.  It has seen more ballgames and chess tournaments than I can count.  I even picture our children taking it for a spin.  It has become such a part of our lives that I would have a hard time making the transition to a new vehicle.  I just want to say thank you, Ford, for making such an awesome truck.  It will forever hold so many wonderful memories.
Ford Social 08/28/2014
Hi Stacy - It's wonderful to hear that your Ford Expedition has endured through the years as your family has grown. Thank you for sharing your happy memories! - Social.Ford