Our Baby Girl Is Built Ford Tough!

On May 23, 2013, I was awakened by contractions. They were coming about every 8 or 9 minutes.. At 4am I decided to take a shower…and the contractions stopped, so I was thinking these are just false labor contractions again. I went back to sleep until 6:30. I got up and started working and Around 11am I went for a walk and the contractions started again so I started timing them. The pain was increasing, I finished packing my hospital bag. Craig came home and I told him he should finish packing his bag. Then we decided to have a lunch date. By 1pm the contractions were so strong I was in tears. Craig convinced me to call the Dr before we left for lunch. I talked to the nurse and she said to just wait at home until the contractions were 5 minutes apart for 1 hour. We got in the Expedition and went to pick up lunchto go to lunch. We brought it home and I could barely eat because of the pain each time a contraction came. But,I was trying to follow doctor’s orders and wait for the consistent 5 minutes. I had two contractions in a row that were 3 or 4 minutes apart and Craig told me we had to go to the hospital so I called my Dr and told her we were on our way. We had a 25 mile drive to the hospital, contractions were close together (4 minutes or less) and the pain and pressure was very intense. Once we were halfway I stopped worrying about the pain and was more concerned on keeping the baby inside me until we got to the hospital. We got off our exit and while we were waiting at the light my water broke. A minute later we pulled into the ER driveway, slammed the car into park and Craig rushed inside. I remember having a contraction and then I felt a relief of some sort. I looked down and saw our daughter’s head emerged! I think I started having another contraction so I reached down to help deliver our little girl. I pulled her up and noticed the cord was wrapped around her neck a bit, so I pulled it over her head. She then started crying! We kept her gender a surprise so I tried looking to see if the baby was a boy or girl, but the cord was in the way and I didn’t want to move it. Next the hospital staff and Craig came running to the car. The staff did a great job of reassuring me that the baby was fine. They took the baby from me so I then asked, “Can you tell me if it’s a boy or girl?” They checked and told me it was a girl! They helped me get out of the Expedition and onto a stretcher and pushed us inside the hospital! We love to tell people that Miranda is “Built Ford Tough!”