"Old Grey"

By Paul B.

     I have been a proud owner of ford vehicles for the past twenty years. I have owned and driven an Explorer (got me through my college years), a Fusion (got me through an amazing solo cross-country drive from Los Angeles, CA to Orlando, FL) , and now an Expedition. I liked Ford's so much I even went to work for Ford as a Internet Sales/Commercial/Fleet Sales Manager when I lived in California. I wanted to take the opportunity to write your company today to say thank you. Thank you for many years of great customer service, and most importantly your quality and reliable vehicles. My current Ford believe it or not is a 1997 Ford Expedition xlt. Now get this: With the odometer reading just shy of 400,000 miles!! Yep, 400,000 miles. This vehicle was donated to my seven year old daughter and I from a member of our previous church after my Fusion was involved in a bad car fire from a car parked next to it. If it was not for this Expedition, I would probably not be here today to write you of how this vehicle saved the lively hood of my daughter and I. People I meet every day are astounded when they see my odometer with this many miles on it. I tell them Ford is a great company and I stand by their product and service. You all have been the vehicle(s) to see myself grow from a college student to a 41 year old single father. "Old Grey" as I call my Expedition, is now on her last legs as we speak. I just wish there was a way to keep her going. My daughter and I have had many good memories and trips with this car. When a car truly becomes part of my family, that is a car company I will be with for life. I wanted to provide my personal testimony and again say thank you Ford! Thank you! I wanted to send pictures of "Old Grey" to place a smile on your faces, but could not find an email address to forward them to. Ford has been by my side when circumstances in life have not. Mr. Henry Ford would be proud. Every one should be a Ford owner! Sincerely yours, Paul Brandenburg Orlando, FL.
Monica B 12/31/2013
I love you story! We have an "old grey" too, but my kids started calling her "old reliable". I hope she makes it as long as your did.