No Price On Life

By Eric M.

my 2 kids and i ages 2 , 4 , and 36. on way home 5 mins to reach  destination. brake pedal went to floor, couldnt stop for stop sign at 55 mph i T-boned a 2010 car, spun and hit a telephone pole, and totaled both my truck and other car. driver and passenger in other car and myself with kids all walked away alive  no broken bones and minor  prob no air bags wnt off we still trying to find that one out but despite the problem i am 100% a believer there is no true better safe truck on the road than a ford expedition and thats comeing from me a once chevy fan now converted ford fan and i am proud to say i will get another ford expedition . very very safe and trustworthy! even though no air bag deployed  if there wasnt the integrity of safety in the make of the expedition i and my kids would truely be dead  as the accident just happened 3 days ago from today and the only thing i say is thank you  to the lucky stars ,angels and the ford manufacturer for the safe  expedition  for my and my kids second chance at life. i truely cant say  anything to describe this  crash  than i have clean record 36 years old and all 12 points on license and never thought it would happen to me. and what better feeling to know  i was in a very very safe ride. thank you again ford and the angels above for my 2 kids and myself to be here to take another breath today. please keep up the good work makeing them safe reliable vehichles omg im so shook up just typing this .my hat is off to you all, thank you again for the quality in ford vehichles.