My Wife And Three Kids Walked Away.

We had this 2008 Expedition EL Eddie Bauer only 10 months. My wife was making a left hand turn one morning when the kids school was cancelled. She did not even see the other guy coming. Her light turned green, she started to make her turn, and she was broadsided by a Ford F-250 Super-Duty 2WD that ran a red light. The cops say he was going somewhere around 50-55 mph when he hit her. She slid almost a hundred feet sideways, the side curtain airbags deployed, and the passenger side of our Expedition was crushed in almost a foot.

My three year old was sitting on that side in the second row in her toddler seat and five-point harness. My other two kids were in their booster seats. I had no idea that the Expedition had a five-star rating for side impact crash, but now I know. Two weeks later, my wife had a brand new 2010 Expedition EL Limited.

Thank you Ford for engineering safety into your vehicles. It saved my family.

Bryce 04/13/2010
I had the same thing happen to our ford excursion...only it was with a semi going 35-40mph.....we ended up upside down and my wife and our three kids were still in their seats with their seatbelts on. we all walked away without a scratch....from here on out, all i will buy is Ford SUVS...we currently own another Excursion and a 2007 Ford Expedition EL.