Lucky Color - Ruby Red Metalic

By Glen T.

I've been driving since 1989 and had some good cars, some bad cars, and some great cars. Several years ago I realized every great car I'd owned was Ruby Red metalic. My first Explorer (awesome car) , Ford Mustang (the beast), Ford Escape XLT (2005 still going strong). Ford Expedition XLT (2004 105K miles pure quality - runs great). All Ruby Red and all amazing cars. I promised myself a new Expedition when mine reached 100K this year, but Ruby Red isn't available this year so I'm sticking with old faithful (she's Ruby Red and has never let me down). Hope Ford bring back Ruby Red in 2014, but for now I'll stick with my 2004 XLT - she's never let me down !
Glen T 11/28/2012
I just read on Ford.Com Ruby Red Matalic is coming to the Expedition early 2013.