It Keeps Going And Going And Going!

We have been Ford people for a very long time. In fact, my husband sold Ford cars years ago. I could write a whole article on the many stories we have but one that I have to share is about our '98 Ford Expedition. We originally bought it as our family vehicle and drove the tires off it. My husband owns a tree service business and would occasionally buy a cheap old used truck as a second work truck and when the Chevy's broke down (and they always did) he would have to borrow my Ford Expedition. As time went on it started to smell like gasoline, he ripped the headliner with his chainsaw, backed it into the trailer and on and on. So, I let him have it and got me another one. :) He still is driving it and hauling heavy loads everyday with it. It now has 350,000 miles! Yes, I said 350,000 and is still going strong! Original motor and transmission! It smells like gas and sweaty man and is a bit beat up but it keeps going and going and going! Would love to do a commercial with it cause they really are BUILT FORD TOUGH!