How The Ford Expedition Saved My Life Twice

My name is Garrett Hall. I am the proud owner of the Ford Expedition. My story begins 7 years ago in 2004. My wife and I were traveling on Canal Street in New York. While driving a taxi traveling illegally in the wrong direction, crashed into my wife and I head on and because of Expedition, my wife and I survived the crash. Officers on the scene and viewing the pictures of the accident later both concur, had it not been for my Ford Expedition, my wife and I could have been severely injured or even killed. This may seem like most stories of survival, however, whats makes this a blessing, had I found a parking space earlier that morning, my wife and I would have taken here SUV and according to accident forensics, we could have been fatally injured.

Can a family be blessed twice, yes! On Thanksgiving 2010, I was traveling to Philadelphia to visit my family and it was snowing and freezing rain. I exited onto the on ramp which was covered in leaves and snow. My Expedition began to spin on the ramp, propelling me into a utiility poll with a violent force. After colliding with the poll, I ended up facing west bound in a east bound lane. With all the collision and damaged suffered, Police on the scene said those familiar words which ahve been like an angel reciting poetry, "If it had not been for your Ford Expedition, you could ahve been hurt badly or even killed". So Ford, I thank you for building a life saver and I tell everyone who will listen, Ford Expedition has saved my life, twice!