How Our 2007 Expedition Saved My Wife And Child

By John D.

One morning in May 2013 my wife was driving my 13 year old child to school when a large 2' diameter tree fell on the hood right next to the windshield while driving about 60 km/hr. This truck was strong enough to take the impact and to with hold the tree from entering the cabin. The truck is a write off, but my wife, the driver and child next to her was not even scratched. This sounds like a miracle but i would say that the fact that this a very strong & safe vehicle was a big factor. I am not sure if ford designs vehicles with falling trees in mind but i just want to thank ford for making this SUV safe enough to save the lives of my wife and daughter. This full size SUV is not best on gas like all other large SUV's but added safety due to it's size was good insurance. We will be on the out look for another expedition to replace this one.
Saud A 09/01/2014
Thanks to God you and your family are all safe, and yes that's why Ford is a bit hehind on gas mileage due to added safety, frankly speaking this is what we care much about, we love our families and our children, we don't want anything to happen to them on the expense of saving few penies on gas mileage. Thanks Ford very good work guys. Keep it up!!!