Had An Accident Due To Another Driver

My husband had to return to work one late night. On the way home he noticed an on coming car driving on his side of the road. As the car got closer, he saw the driver was on the cell phone and not paying attention. The other drive was driving too fast to turn when they noticed they were on the other side of the road. My husband turned the steering wheel, went into a ditch, hit a tree and a stop sign. The driver kept going. My husband was able to drive out of the ditch. Some damage to the Expedition-1999. However, My husband didn't have a bump, bruise, or scratch on him....

When he walked in the house. He explained what happened and stated "The Expedition is the safest vehicle he has ever driven, let alone get in an accident with. I'll drive it anytime, hands down!" He was smiling from ear to ear.

Thank you Ford for making such a reliable and safe vehicle.

Mr. and Mrs. Hrasna