Expedtion To The Rescue!

By John P.

We use our Expedition EL to tow our 32 foot camper all over the East Coast. All while keeping our family, friends and dog, comfy and safe. One wet weekend while camping in central Pennsylvania, we noticed a motorhome that was stuck in the mud and going nowhere fast. The driver of the motorhome was behind the wheel while his wife and kids were trying to push the "house on wheels" out of the mud. Expedition to the rescue! I offered to help and they gladly accepted. Using a tow strap that I keep handy for just such an occasion, I hooked one end on the tow hooks of the Expedition and the other end onto the frame of the camper. I shifted into 4WD Low, eased it into reverse and in less than 10 seconds, the camper was safely out of the mud and back on terra firma. They thanked me for helping but all I did was drive. The Expedition did all the work.