Expedition Protected Wife And 7 Month Unborn Baby

On Wednesday, my wife, who is over 7 months pregnant, was driving her Ford King Ranch Expedition (which we purchased from you in the spring) and my wife's vehicle was hit by another car at high speed while my wife was making a left hand turn from a complete stop.

Both my wife and the baby are okay. And my wife only has a few scratches. My wife's vehicle was hit by a 2001 Tahoe that was obviously speeding so it rolled. Even though at the accident, my wife was upside down, she was able to undo her seatbelt and crawl out with minimal scratches. We are thankful that we bought this particular vehicle for my wife and that it was such a safe vehicle for her to be in. We are hoping you can let the right people at Ford know. Once we work through what our insurance wants to do, we will definitely be buying another Ford. You can e-mail me for more photos.

My cell is: 817-681-3243
Timothy 05/27/2011
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