Expedition Anywhere, Anytime

By Ty C.

I remember when my Dad first purchased the Expedition back in Nov of 2000. It was probably the biggest and best looking SUV of that time and I have to admit I was quite intimidated when I had to learn to drive with so much truck. The Expedition has been a part of so many important trips in our lives. It has gone to proms, cross country trips, weddings, funerals, the beach, snow capped mountains, survived hurricane Katrina and hundreds kids going in and out. It has never let us down and with 260K miles on the clock it still runs with confidence and security. The Expy has been passed down to family member to family member and now I have it. I’m a college student and you forget how popular you become when everyone finds out you have an 8 passenger suv at your disposal. The Expedition is not our daily driver, but it is almost used every week exclusively for outdoor and sportsman activities. It has amazing cargo capabilities, the roof space is so huge that it can carry multiple of anything up top and it’s powerful enough to tow anything that we could ever use. It’s always going up some mountain, plowing through some snow or holding a ton of crap at any given time. It is such a versatile truck that I think it will always have a part somewhere in our family. At this point in its life its its now back in school and eager for spring break! Now it’s time to hit the slopes!
Ford Tough