By Mary E.

In October of 1997 my husband ordered me a new Expedition. I could be the test site for Underwriters Laboratory. Things fail around me. Appliances stop working when they are delivered to my home, watches will not run when I put them on. I once had three televisions delivered before one worked
When the car was delivered it was love at first sight, Eddie (I always name my cars) carried my son's scout troop on field trips, my daughter's soccer team to tournament all over the southeast. We towed a trailer to antique car shows ( Hummingbird is our 1914 Model T). When the children grew older we moved them in and out of college dorms. I have moved furniture, dogs, gardening supplies and everything in between with Eddie.
In October I had Eddie detailed, and except scrapes and minor scratches, he still looks great. On December 27,2010 his odometer turned over to 350,000.
When people suggest it's time for a new car I almost cry, because this vehicle is the finest piece of equipment I have ever owned.
I wanted to say thank you to every person from design to assembly for making such a fine truck. I look forward to next 50,000 miles.