Dependable To The End

I purchase a pre-owed Ford Expedition about 10 years ago.  At the time the vehicle was already 5 years old.  This was the best vehicle I have ever owned.  All of my friends and family became ford believers just by witnessing how dependable this truck had been over the years.  At times when I would drive people places or let people use my truck, they would all comment on how good it still drove.  I have drove this truck from state to state for relocation purposes, back and forth to work and for leisure with no problems!  When it came time for my friends or family to purchase another car/truck because theirs had died, they chose a Ford based on my history. 

About two weeks ago my boys and I were in a car accident.  The accident was pretty bad but after the truck finally stopped moving we were fine.  After we hit the other car, my truck went off the road and into lines running from a telegram pole.  The truck was still running! I reached over and turned the car off before they pulled me out. 

I know that ultimately God spared us but I believe that God also blessed me with this great truck that would shield us from the danger that would come to us on that night of July 11, 2013.  The truck was totalled out and I am so sad.  I want another one but not sure if this is possible.  I went through a divorce and lost my job this year.  Therefore, my credit is not great and money is extremely limited.  However, another car is not even appealing.