A New Look With A Different Color

In February 2010 I bought a 1999 Eddie Bauer edition expedition. I have really loved my suv. As soon as I knew that I wanted it, I started looking for ways to make it stand out and let it be known that it was mine. I had actually bought a grill guard, tail light guards, and new custom wheels before I found the expedition that I wanted.

Over the last few months, I have been looking around town and noticing how all the expeditions looked a lot alike, and decided to make a change. I wanted something very unique and that reflected upon what I love.

I am a strong supporter of finding a cure for breast cancer. I was beside my mother for 13 years and held her hand as she battled breast cancer 3 different times. I know that Ford has a "Warriors In Pink" line that helps support the cause. Being that I have 3 small children a mustang isn't practical for my life at the moment. I also love driving my expedition. So I decided to make my own warrior in pink.

On the exterior I painted all the gold trim of the Eddie Bauer to pink, changed the gold in the expedition emblems to pink, replaced the gold pin stripe with a pink one that included a pink ribbon, and even redid the blue Ford oval to a pink Ford oval. On the interior I painted the dash piece around the radio, steering wheel, and around the buttons on the front doors pink. Then finally, under the hood. The fuse box cover, the intake cover, the air silencer and master terminal cover were painted solid pink, and then on the breather box I drew and painted a pink ribbon.

Hope everyone enjoys the pictures and let me know what you think.
John W 11/13/2012
Outstanding and for a worthy cause. You go girl!
Jesse MacDonald 11/11/2011
Great way to support the cause but Ford does it in a manner that looks tasteful. That does not look tasteful and is borderline hideous.....I'm Sorry.
But on a positive note...You have to drive it and I don't and you don't live next to me so enjoy the "Pink" trimmed Expedition. :-)
kimathi 10/31/2011
it look hideous.
Lee Doyouknowme 10/30/2011
What a great way to support a cause!