To Ford Or Not To Ford, That's The Question.

Well my wife and I were tired of throwing money into our old vehicles, time to buy new. But since I'm the only driver my wife let it up to me, to find the vehicle that I want to drive, this will possibily be our last new vehicle. So, I figured it had to be economical to run(fuel wise), it had to handle well and have a good turn radius, good ground clearance, it had to be an SUV and it had to be fun to drive. I came up with four candidates as I looked on the web and watched new car commercials, Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute, Mitsubishi Outlander, or Hundai Tuscon. So next was to go for test drives, well I found out that Mazda and Mitsubishi don't have dealerships within 50miles of our home and I wasn't keen on traveling any further, so we went to Hundai dealership first and while the Tuscon looked nice, the dealership did not offer us a test drive, strike one. Next we went to a Ford dealership and while the salesman was personable enough and took us on two test drives, one a 4 cylinder and one a 6 cylnder, they were both loaded and automatic transmissions and the dealership wasn't interested in what we wanted, strike one. So we went to another Hundai dealership and they didn't have the Tuscon and weren't willing to look for one for us, strike two and three. So we went to Ford of Uniontown, not only were they courteous and attentive, but there first question was, what are you looking for in a vehicle, after I told what we wanted, the salesman got on his computer and located four Escapes with our criteria, he then called, two were sold, one dealership didn;t answer, but the fourth had the vehicle and said they would send it. Our Escape is a ingot silver beauty and it has more than lived up to our exceptations, it's a real pleasure to drive, I'm averaging around 24mpg and the 2.5L I4 has got power to spare, lots of room and great ground clearance and the turn radius startled me, it's beyond all of my expectations. I'll never buy another brand of vehicle again, I'm officially a Ford man for life.
Sal Undy 08/29/2011
Ford man for life? Nice to hear that!