They Really Are "Build Ford Tough" For Our Safety!

As a loyal Ford customer since 1976, when I got my first Ford (an orange and white Pinto Runabout) I want to take a moment to THANK YOU for building such safe vehicles. I have never had a major accident, until last night, when I was stopped and was rear ended by someone going over 30 mph! My 2003 Escape XLS (that will turn over 150,000 miles THIS WEEKEND!!) did incredibly well in the impact, as did I! The rear bumper did exactly what it was designed to do and the damage was limited to the rear hatch door. While somewhat dented, it still closes and locks. I didn't even get a broken tail light! Meanwhile, the vehicle that hit mine (a Dodge Dakota truck) wasn't drivable. This just speaks to the quality of your products!So...while I'll be driving "SAM" for months or years to come, I will definitely look to Ford for the next vehicle that I buy!Thanks again! Kristi (Spring, TX)