The Trusty Steed

By Carl H.

In 2006, my Dad and my mother bought their second Ford Escape. Everybody were very exited. My Dad worked in a Circus that traveled around North America.

One day, after school, we each (we were 3 children) received a card. Inside, it was written that we were invited to travel with him. We were all very happy. A few months later, we left Canada to go to Boston, the first city. We visited 13 cities in all. Boston, Washington, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Columbus, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Portland, Seattle and back in Canada, Vancouver. We also went, as a bonus, to New York, San Francisco 2 times, and England.

The big trip was great. Not only because we visited lots of places but also because we went everywhere with our Ford Escape, except San Francisco and England, of course. We took care of it and it took care of us. My Dad called it his Trusty Steed. Sadly, about a year after we came back to Canada, we had to return it to Ford because we rent it for four years. I really miss it. Gratefully, we were able to keep the license and use it on our new Ford Escape 2010. I will never forget that Ford.

We will always keep the license, buy Fords and when I get a car, it will be, for sure, a Ford.

Thanks for reading!