Thank You Ford Motor Company

***My dad was a Ford engineer for 39 years in seat safety. For my father's retirement party, my mother pulled out all of his honors and awards and placed them on the hearth above our fireplace. I never knew about most of these accolades, as my dad was always so modest. My father was able to process a couple of patents in his time with Ford Motor Company. Beyond the patents, there is something else about him that made me proud. I will never forget the time one of his coworkers from his early years stopped us in Costco to tell my mother and me about the respect my father gave her in a time when female engineers were not respected by all.
***Ford Motor Company provided well for my family. I was able to attend a strong public school system and pursue many interests: ice-skating, gymnastics, dance, and volleyball. After relentless work in the gym and classroom, I was able to earn a full ride volleyball scholarship to a Division 1 institution. My undergraduate degree set me up to attend graduate school for physical therapy which will lead to a great career for me.
***As a metro-Detroiter, it is extremely evident the impact that the auto industry has on the community. It seemed as if all of my friend’s parents growing up were somehow tied to the auto industry or its suppliers. Today, I have two friends my age (23) that work for Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Motor Corporation. It hurts me deep inside when people I know choose to buy imported cars. I think about everyone at home in Michigan whose livelihood depends on a thriving auto industry.
***It is my dream to see everyone drive an American made car. I have visions of a Ford commercial involving the pride felt by all of those affected by Ford Motor Company: The engineers, administrative assistants, factory workers, and everyone in between. Ford continues to earn my respect with its charity work and dedication to the environment. Each day I drive my 2007 Ford Escape, I think of my family and friends that are supported so well by Ford Motor Company. Thank you Ford Motor Company.
H 05/11/2011
I agree! I don't understand why people buy imports. I am a Chrysler and a Ford fan both! We have a 2008 Dodge Durango with 68000 trouble free miles on it, and our 1999 Ford Ranger has 165000 miles on it and has only needed a clutch, and a waterpump. We have never had a problem with any of our Chrysler or Ford products. I can't say the same for GM but I would rather buy GM than Toyota or Honda. My sister has a 2009 Camary with 14000 miles that is the biggest hunk of junk I've ever seen.