Thank You Ford Escape For Saving My Daughter

On October 24, 2013, our worst nightmare as parents began to come true. Our 21 year old daughter had been forced off the road by another driver & flipped her car several times. She flipped it end over end twice, then it rolled sideways one or two rolls, then another nose flip before finally landing on its tires. It sheared 7 guardrail posts at the ground in the process of flipping & rolling. When her father & I arrived at the site of the accident, the first thing I saw was her Escape. It was mangled, crushed & twisted with parts laying all over the road & ditch. The D.P.S. officer & 2 of the paramedics at the scene said they had never in their careers seen anyone walk away from an accident like that. My daughter did. After a trip to the hospital to be checked out & a few answered prayers, she is perfectly fine. The picture of her with the car was taken the very next day at the wrecker yard. It still amazes me to see her standing there smiling the very next day. Practically every part of that car was crushed exept for the cockpit around the driver. The crumple zones & extra air bags definitely did the job they were designed to do. The Ford Escape's safety features helped to save our daughters life that night & we will be forever grateful for Ford Motor Company's dedication to making their cars & trucks safer. That is one of the many reasons our driveway is filled with Ford vehicles.
Caleb S 01/03/2014
Glad she is ok. It is seriously amazing to see the roof did not cave in what so ever!