Still Going Strong!

I cannot express how much I love my 2004 Ford Escape. I grew up in a Ford family and my very first car, at the age of 16 was a 1989 Ford Tempo. Unfortunately, that car was not a great experience, but somehow, our family loyalty to Ford prevailed and my next purchase was a 1995 Ford Mustang. I named this car "Lil Red." Lil Red took me through the next 9 years of my life!!! I had one major recall on this vehicle and Ford took care of me as I was approaching 100000 miles! I drove Lil Red into the ground after 9 years and she put-putted right into the dealership in time to make my next Ford purchase, my 2004 Ford Escape. I named my Ford Escape, Pearl. Pearl and I have gone through thick and thin. Why do I love this vehicle the most? She is 7 years old and does not have ONE thing wrong with her. My family lives 250 miles away, and back in 2004 I was driving back and forth at least once a month. Pearl now has 103000 and IS STILL GOING STRONG!!! She is so reliable and trustworthy, that I converted my husband--he bought a Ford Escape about 8 months ago.
I happened to catch David Letterman about a month ago and Alan Mulally was on giving an interview. It was great feeling to know that Ford has survived the economic downfall and that Ford is AMERICAN made.
I know that making my vehicles gender specific and naming them sounds silly, but when you keep cars in your life 5+ years, they're kinda part of the family. When my husband met me he thought it was weird; his Escape is now named Eienstein. :)