Slide, Tip, Spin, Boom!!!

On 13 Aug 2013, my super dependable '06 Ford Escape hydroplaned hard into a curb, rolled on the passenger side, spunalmost 180 degrees, and slammed into a tree (i *think* that's how it happened). As I tipped over, I thought, "Uh oh--this is *not* going to end well."  But my side airbags deployed (thought they were a tree falling on the car!), my seat belt held, and after help from good Samaritans and the FD, I was able to push open my door and climb up and out of the car--unscathed.  As hard as I hit, and with the 3 cracks already on my windshield, it actually did not shatter, and I only had a couple bruises show up after from where the seat belt held me.  *Thank you* Ford safety engineers and everyone on the team!  My boys still have their Mom because of you!  I will miss the Wattage-mobile--we roadtripped to FL, drove on the beach at Cape Henlopen, made numerous trips to Pittsburgh and to ski, and never had a problem (well, AC did go out once, but in 7 years, after 125k miles?  Pretty good!!)  I'm not a fan of the new model, but when the time comes, I plan to buy a used older model--I know it will last.