Rollover Accident

Snowy road conditions made driving a little challenging. Rounding a curve at a posted speed of 30 MPH, I was slowing down on a country road to get to that speed. I went off the berm and lost control...into the ditch and into a farmer's field. According to witnesses, I rolled over 3 or 4 times. My side airbags deployed. The Escape was totaled. I had minor cuts and bruises. Went to the Emergency room and released a few hours later. A few days later, I visited the same dealership I purchased the Escape, to buy another Ford Escape, They didn't have any, so I bought a Mercury Mariner. When the salesman asked why I wanted another small SUV, I told him, I wouldn't be here today if had any other vehicle. Of course I was wearing my seatbelt. And, I am very happy with my new Mercury Mariner. Walt Stemen