Post Roll Over Accident Thank You

I was recently involved in a roll over car accident going 55 mph with my 2012 Ford Escape. It was a very tramatic and life changing experience, considering i have never been in a serious accident before. My Escape was totaled, and I walked away from the accident completely unharmed.
I wanted to thank all of the hard working Ford Motor employees and engineers for constructing such a strong, safe and reliable vehicle. Besides the glory of God, i beleive that my 2012 Ford Escape saved my life. If i was inside of any other vehicle i cannot say that i would still be here today. The side curtain airbags deployed at the precise moment needed and my seatbelt kept me secure in my seat while the accident was happening.
I also wanted to thank Frank Sinatra, from Russ Milne Ford. He is the best salesman that Ford Motor Company has to offer, he takes pride in his customers and treats them as family. He is the one that sold me this vehicle, which ended up saving my life. Needless to say i returned to him to lease my newest vehicle; a 2013 Ford Edge. I love it, i will always drive a Ford. My fiance also drives a Ford vehicle, a 2009 Ford Fusion, and is looking into the F-150 series next. The safety, technology, craftsmanship and stabilty that go into Ford vehicles cannot compare to any other car companies out there.

Ford Motor Company: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Pam M 06/20/2013
Wow! Thanks for sharing. So glad to read your story since we just replaced our minivan with an Escape.