No One Can Believe He Survived.

He walked away with a bandaid. It's amazing. My brother was heading South on the highway, when a deer popped out in front of his Escape. His initial reaction was to avoid a collision, but we figure he hit some gravel; we don't know the exact details after that, but the pictures say it all. It's obvious that the truck was on it's roof at some point in time, maybe more than once. A large tree is to blame for the rest of the damage. The Escape is barely recognizable. Somehow, my brother was able to crawl out of the wreckage on his own. His muscles are sore, and as I said, he has a bandaid on his elbow, but he's alive. No one can believe he wasn't seriously injured or killed. Our friends and family that are Ford owners all say "It's because he was driving a Ford." Those that weren't "Ford people" certainly are now. I wish we could thank the designers, engineers, the entire team for saving my brother's life! We're looking forward to getting him in another Ford!