My Love Affair With A Ford!

At fourteen, my mother bought my older sister and me a 1928 Ford Roadster, as "old" cars were the rage in 1954.We rode to school everyday in that car and because it didn't have a roof, we stored it in a garage for the Winter.Just before it went in the garage, we were coming down a steep hill and bumped into the back of a bus. It didn't hurt a thing as the bumper was solid then!Well never having had a car, we didn't do the proper maintainence and the next Spring, the block was ruined. Mom sold it to a man who worked on cars but my love for the Ford began. My first boyfriend drove his Mother's light green Ford when he came to see me. When I was able to buy my first car, it was a Ford Maverick.I added a Ford Econoline to go see my daughter's horse and for my husband to use in his plumbing business. The added a Ford Pick-up,F150, the only new vehicle my husband ever owned.Ten years later we gave it to our son-in-law as it was still running great. Then came a 1976 Granada, and a 1979 Mustang that I gave to my daughter when she graduated from college in 1981. My next purchase was a big black 4 door Crown Victoria in 1990 and eventually, my Ford Escape.My next new vehicle will be another Ford Escape as I love the foot gear to open the back of the vehicle, but unfortunately it will have to wait for a little longer as my Escape is still like new and runs like a dream.Snow is no issue and I live where snow can be a problem.I am now 73 years old and still love my Fords,all of them! And, Ford didn't take a loan from the government to stay open,they know what they are doing at Ford!