My First Vehicle

I bought a 2003 ford escape in 2010. When I seen the vehicle on the used car lot I knew I wanted to buy it. I had the vehicle for about 11 mths. I had decided to change the spark plugs myself. I changed out three than the truck had problems. The engine wasn't sounding right. I had gone back and forth to the parts store to see what was the matter with the truck. I had a couple of friends who knew more about cars than I did to assist me. After a trip to the garage and 700 hundred dollars. I took the truck back to the lot and left. I still miss that old escape not only because of it being my first vehicle, but also the trips that it took me. No other that I have owed since can take it's place. Funny I didn't even like Ford's to begin with. SO why? I can say ford does have better technology in their vehicles.