My First Ford! My Best Ford!

In a neighborhood driven by Toyota/Honda (which I truly hate because of the compromises you have to make even at a higher price - trust me, I have driven hundreds of them, useless!), I was very particular in buying something different and since I already had a VW(non stop problems), the only thing I could possibly think of was a FORD (Chevys are not running deep anymore - lol !!). I had driven many Fords, especially 2010 Fusions at rentals and love the way they drive. Since I have a growing family, I bought a used 2005 Ford Escape XLT 4WD with 125,000 miles. I have put nearly 4000 miles in 2 months with "0" problems. I am sure it can do over 200k easily but I am eagerly waiting for the direct injection Fusion to arrive... Love you FORD!! and I love the Henry Ford museum in Detroit - a must go place!!