My First Car Overcame American Car Critics

I bought my first car, a 2004 Ford Escape in September 2008 after much research and considerations. Actually most of my friends told me to consider other makes but not American cars. Their major argument was that the cars break down easily and don't last long.

Since I got this car it has served me superbly.. the ride is smooth and the car performs very well considering it has over 230,000 miles. It has never broken down, or stalled; I love the V6 engine and the sound of the car. Plus it has exceeded my expectations on gas mileage.

Some of these critics have later commented on the car saying it was really not a bad deal. To me, it's just great! I believe with regular service, this ride will take me to 600,000 miles.
Ken 02/24/2010
Glad to here your friends didn't sway you to the imports. We have an 2002 Escape with almost 140,000 miles on it. Our Escape has been great! V6, all wheel drive and the mileage has been pretty good. Hopefully in a couple of years we'll get another one. My son has told us don't trade it when the time comes he wants it.
Ry 01/20/2010
Way to go! My 01 Taurus is just about to hit 235K, my 03 Explorer is at 153K- with more than a few other Fords in our household. My dads 98 Taurus- although technically replaced with another Taurus- has 268K miles awaiting a its first major repair ever- a transmission. As soon as its in, the new Taurus will be parked and we are just wanting to hit that 300K mark :) If it wasn't in such nice condition, we would have just dontated it, but its worth it hitting that mileage point when all these import buyers like to brag about their wonderful economy ruiner- i mean Honda/Toyota :) Good luck- you wont need it!