My Escape Saved My Life

I was involved in a head-on collision on March 28, 2013. All of the first responders on the scene were afraid to approach my car because they were sure that I was dead. I was trapped and had to be cut out of the car, but the frame and airbags totally did their job. I broke my left hip but I am alive. When the insurance is done with their stuff and I'm released to drive, I will be looking for my next Ford Escape. Everyone from the first responders to the insurance appraisers say that it is a miracle that I'm alive. Thank you to the safety engineers to making this an extremely safe car. It really did save my life!!!
I'm glad that your ok. One of the reasons that I bought my Escape (2013 SEL) was because of the safety features that it has and the Insurance Institutes crash test results. Thank God that I have never had an accident in any of the cars that I have owned.

P.S. My very first car was a well used 1965 Ford Galaxy 500.
Sylvia B 05/22/2013
So glad you are ok! i had a similar experience with my Ford Escape